About Slow Food UO:
Slow Food is the opposite of Fast Food. This campus chapter does not try to push any type of agenda, except learning more about your food and where it comes from. We are accepting of all people, ideas and viewpoints.

About This Blog:
This blog reflects the opinion of the bloggers and not necessarily the opinions of Slow Food: University of Oregon or the Slow Food movement in general. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them here! We will respond. This blog and our group in general is here to start conversation, not change policy. We want you to make your own decisions, whatever those may be.

Who We Are:
We are University of Oregon students advocating for all students and communities to have a stronger and more intimate connection with their food.

Our Vision:
We strive to make good, clean, fair food the priority of every University of Oregon student, both in life and on campus.

Our Chapter:
Slow Food: University of ORegon was founded in Fall 2011. The University of Oregon’s Slow Food chapter is the 46th campus chapter of Slow Food. We are new and we need your support to continue.
The food system is rapidly changing. Eugene is on the forefront of this change. Vote with your forks, time and donations. Join Slow Food: University of Oregon today! We have a place for you.


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