Raw Almond Milk is the Perfect Homemade Gift for the Holidays

Making your own almond milk is one of the simplest ways to become more connected with your food, while also experimenting with eating raw. You’ll only need four things: raw almonds, water, cheesecloth, and a blender. Making your own milk is also much more affordable than buying it from a store. If you’ve never tried almond milk as an alternative to dairy or soy, you’re missing out. Almond milk has a delightful mild, nutty flavor which can be used as a milk substitute in a plethora of recipes–both savory and sweet. You can even use the leftover pulp to make yummy treats such as these Raw Almond Matcha Cakes by Olives for Dinner.

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking of clever gift ideas to impress your friends and family with. As an ardent foodie, of course, I prefer to charm loved ones by way of their taste buds. Presentation goes along way when it comes to gifting edibles, so be creative. Find a fancy looking (thoroughly disinfected) jar from a thrift store, or reuse a bottle from the grocery store. Tie some ribbon or string around it, thread it through some folded card stock, and add a personalized message inside. Your mom will love it.

This is a bottle of almond milk that I made earlier this year. Almond milk should be stored in the refrigerator and used within three to five days.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1 cup raw almonds
3 cups filtered water

You will need to soak the almonds overnight, so make sure to plan ahead. Though it will no longer be considered “raw” almond milk, you do have the option of blanching the almonds after you soak them. Blanching is the process of removing the skins of the almonds, which tend to taste slightly bitter. I haven’t noticed a significant difference in the taste of the final product.

Place the almonds in a blender with one cup of water. Blend the almonds in the water for several minutes until you no longer see any large chunks of almonds swirling about. Secure cheesecloth with a rubberband to the mouth of a large container and poor in the mixture. It should be very thick and may take several minutes for all of the liquid to seep through the cheesecloth. Take the cheesecloth and squeeze any remaining almond milk into the container. Next, add the remaining two cups of water to the rest of the liquid.

Voilà! It’s really that simple. If you’d like, you can add spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla bean powder to the final product. Sometimes I like to add these spices along with a bit of agave for a sweet milk. There are endless possibilities.  It’s a great beverage to enjoy with a dinner like vegan mac and cheese, or an afternoon treat like the delicious mini carrot cake bites or rawvocado mint brownies.

How are you going to  enjoy your homemade almond milk? Do you have any recipes you’d like to try using almond milk (raw or otherwise)? Let me know; I’d love to try them!


3 thoughts on “Raw Almond Milk is the Perfect Homemade Gift for the Holidays

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  3. With so many more people developing allergies and sensitivities to dairy products, finding tasty and cheap alternatives to milk can be a challenge. One tasty alternative that can be used in cooking and everyday use is almond milk. But honestly, almond milk can get pricey. Instead try making your own almond milk for a quick and easy project that is fun to do with the kids.’

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