Favorite Pies for the Holiday Season

Leaves are changing, wool scarves are wrapped around chilled necks, umbrellas are up, and there is that sweet and spicy aroma in the air.  Fall has officially taken it’s residency here in Eugene, Oregon.  Among these many characteristics of the season, nothing says fall like a warm slice of homemade pie.


While reading my November issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, my taste buds couldn’t help but dance to the beat of the lusciously illustrated Thanksgiving treats.  This issue is chalk full of seasonal fall recipes and tips to make any Slow Foodie proud.  By the end of my reading, I was tempted to create a whole Thanksgiving feast right then and there, but I resisted the urge.
Inspired by Better Homes and Gardens’ Facebook poll, “What’s your go-to Thanksgiving pie?,” we Slow Food bloggers would love to know what your perfect slice of pie would be!  Their readers preferred pumpkin, reigning in a whopping 52% of the votes.  What do you think?  Is pumpkin really the best?  Or is there a better option adorning your Thanksgiving table?  We would love to know!  While your at it, you can even submit your Slow Food-worthy recipe!
This is a link to Better Homes and Gardens’ “All-Time Favorite Pie Recipes.”  I highly recommend checking it out, but be warned.   You might end up wanting to make every single one of them! http://www.bhg.com/recipes/desserts/pies/best-pie-recipes/
Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens http://www.bhg.com


One thought on “Favorite Pies for the Holiday Season

  1. My favorite is pumpkin. Hands down. My grandma makes the flakiest, yummiest crust and I love the natural sweetness and texture of the pumpkin. Then we top it off with hand whipped cream.

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