Did Someone Say Pastry?

I don’t have to be asked twice to try a new pastry kitchen in town.  Noisette, located on 200 W. Broadway in downtown Eugene, opened mid-October and has rapidly gained customer appreciation for its wide variety of pastries, sandwiches and soups.

Walking in, the atmosphere was very laid-back and I recognized the song playing; it was “Here in Your Arms” by Hellogoodbye—which put a smile on my face—especially when I saw the desserts that lie ahead of me.  I approached the counter and the woman working was very helpful and informative.

I asked her a simple question, “What do you think is the most unique thing you have?”

She walked over to the display window and pointed out three pastries, one of which was classified as “sweet,” bostock, and the other two as “savory,” goat cheese biscuits and butternut squash croissants.  I decided to try the bostock based on the way she described it.  She said it had been soaked in orange blossom syrup for several hours giving it a unique floral, citrusy quality.  She didn’t have to say another word after that; I was thoroughly convinced.

And what a great choice I made.  The bostock was the perfect combination of doughy, sweet, light and fluffy.  It was pound cake lightness with cinnamon roll stickiness.  The almonds sprinkled on top added a modest crunch.


The sandwiches and soups at Noisette use quality ingredients. Duck confit, pumpkin aioli, plum jam, kale and caramelized onion, to name a few.  Carnivores will love Noisette, considering the time they put into making the meat just right.

“I get to work in the morning and I’m like, ‘What is that amazing smell?’” Emily Hatstat, an employee at Noisette said.  This amazing smell is the meat that is roasted every morning, which includes lamb and duck and is placed into the various sandwiches that are prepared fresh daily.


Aside from the menu (which changes every day so there’s no need to worry about getting sick of one food), Noisette has an interesting spacial layout.  The large, open kitchen area allows customers to watch employees prepare their dishes. It is reassuring to see this process first-hand, because customers can clearly see that Noisette prepares all their food slowly and with care.


I recommend Noisette to all who love to try new foods that have been prepared with time and effort—that is, after all, what Slow Food is all about. I can say that I will be a very loyal customer and, one day, hope to brag that I have tried everything in sight.

PS: For those of you unsure of what to make for Thanksgiving dinner, Noisette is taking special orders on pies and bread.  You can place an order by calling (541) 654-5257 or visit their shop, located on 200 W. Broadway.  They are open Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.



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