21 Grub Goals of the Slow Food Blog Team

The University of Oregon Slow Food blog team gathered today for the first time this year. We are excited to post many wonderful recipes and insights into the social, cultural and political meaning we create with the food choices we make.

Each blogger has their own niche:

Stephanie Guerrero, a journalism student and vegan of four years, will be keeping track of the local vegan scene.
Makaya Pratt, a Public Relations student, will be posting weekly inspiration on the Food For Thought page.
Jessica Jorgensen, founder of University of Oregon’s Slow Food chapter, will keep us up to date on Slow Food events and happenings.
Sarah Meyers, a third year Anthropology major and food enthusiast, will deliver the sweet comfort of home cooked recipes that are dear to all our hearts.
Hannah Harris is interested in Eugene culture and will serve us the inside scoop on local food and restaurants.
As for me, Stacey Katlain, I will be your raw food guide.  Check the blog for recipes and related posts on the raw food lifestyle.

Our mission is to inspire you to be conscious eaters- to use ingredients you trust, cook up tasty meals and then share them with friends. Together, we created a Grub Goal bucket list, a little creative inspiration from the Slow Food blog team to you.

  1. Make nut butter and jar it
  2. Brew a successful kombucha batch
  3. Create your own recipes
  4. Make something elaborate and the can it
  5. Try Woofing
  6. Visit Trader Joe’s for the first time
  7. Write a business profile on a local restaurant
  8. Make sourdough bread
  9. Try baking gluten-free bread
  10. Make more recipes from Pinterest boards
  11. Take a really enticing food photo
  12. Cook a Thanksgiving dinner
  13. Make raw pumpkin pie
  14. Learn how to make sushi
  15. Try the best of a disliked food
  16. Try sprouting seeds
  17. Eat thai food at Ta Ra Rin
  18. Make bubble tea
  19. Learn how to make frozen yogurt
  20. Eat at Sweet Basil
  21. Last at least a day on the juice diet

What are your Grub Goals for 2013?  Leave a comment and we might add yours to the list!


4 thoughts on “21 Grub Goals of the Slow Food Blog Team

    • It would be hard, especially around Thanksgiving- all those yummy foods coming straight out of the oven. But stay tuned for our raw pumpkin pie recipe!

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