10 Signs You May Be Addicted to Gardening

The other day I passed someone’s lawn that only had grass. My only thought was, “Why aren’t you growing vegetables?” Then I realized, not everyone is as obsessed with growing different plants and vegetables as my roommates and I are. So, for you other college urban gardeners out there, here is my list of 10 signs you may be addicted to gardening.

  1. You’re envious of south-facing lawns.
  2. You can’t lay in your backyard to sun tan because you have too many plants.
  3. You skip class to garden.
  4. You dumpster dive for possible planting containers.
  5. Your ideal Saturday afternoon is spent at a garden store.
  6. You send all your friends photos of your new vegetable sprouts.
  7. You spend your food stamps on seeds.
  8. You save all recyclables for possible planting containers and/or greenhouses.
  9. Your garden is cleaner than your house/room.
  10. You consider your workout lifting bags of soil.

Those are my top ten signs for now. Do you have any to add?

Also, I thought I would update you on my potato plant trial. It’s huge.

The flowers are almost blooming. Once the flowers bloom and wilt, your potato is ready.

Another bloggger suggested adding straw to keep the potato growing tall, and it seemed to work well. Any other tips?


2 thoughts on “10 Signs You May Be Addicted to Gardening

  1. Hi there. I always find it hard to get my head around the fact not everyone gardens. Some people actually actively dislike it! How is this possible…
    I think I may be addicted to gardening too! Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. Gardening is so rewarding! If nothing else goes right in my day, I at least know that my time spent in the garden was time well spent. How was your harvest this year? We did really well for our first year… tomatoes, raspberries, amaranth, corn, kale, basil, potatoes

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