Deck Family Farm

A group of nine Slow Food: University of Oregon students carpooled to Deck Family Farm Saturday morning. This farm is a meat production farm that specializes in beef, pork, lamb, goat and poultry. There are more than 800 chickens, about nine full-time staff and 250 acres of pasture. That should give you a good idea of the size of this family’s operation.

Junction City Deck Family Farm Piglets

All the pigs raised on Deck Family Farms eat 100 percent local feed. They are soy-free, corn-free and pasture raised.

To contact owners John or Christine or to find more information about their product, visit this website.  You can find the farm at 25362 High Pass Rd in Junction City, OR.  Click here for directions from campus.

Deck Family Farm Cow

Just one of many baby cows we saw on our tour.

Missed this farm visit? Don’t worry! We have lots more in the works, so stay tuned.

Junction City Deck Family Farm

Slow Food members tour the Deck Family Farm property in Junction City, Oregon.


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