Resources for Food Internships and Jobs

I’ve been tirelessly job hunting for the past few months, and it’s not easy. I think it’s especially difficult when you’re looking into food jobs, internships or other related experience. For those who aren’t graduating, getting food internships can be a little easier if you’re getting course credit for them or willing to work unpaid. So, here are a few resources and internships I have found that might ease the job searching stress for you all.

Oregon Farm and Food Internships:

Food Roots Internship.
Company details:
Small rural food nonprofit in Tillamook, Oregon.
Extra information:
I worked as Food Roots’ first intern last year, and it was an amazing experience. You can find the full description and application on the website or by clicking here. I highly encourage you to apply! I’m happy to help with any inquires about the position. Just email if you want some application help or more information.

Little Sprouts Farm Internship
Company Details:
Little Sprouts Farm is located in White City, Oregon.
Extra Information:
You can find the full description and application details here.

Winter Green Farm:
Company Details:
Winter Green Farm is an organic farm located just outside of Eugene, Oregon.
Extra Information:
Winter Green Farm is hiring quite a few different positions. Application and contact information can be found on the website.
Other Resources:
Ecotrust is an organization based out of Portland, Oregon and posts jobs and internships on its website as they come in. Currently, there are no postings, but check back for other opportunities.

Good Food Jobs posts listings that food-related companies post from across the nation. This website lists agriculture, business, culinary, design, education, media, nonprofit and production opportunities. So, no matter what your major is or where you are looking to go, there’s a place in food systems for you!

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a great way to learn more about farming or to travel the world, country, or state in an affordable way. Check out this website to learn more about where you can go and what the process is like. It’s a personal goal of mine to travel the 50 states through WWOOF-ing. It would be an amazing summer trip and experience.

This website lists Sustainable Living and Farming Jobs. Right now, there are nearly 20 postings from across the world and the nation. There are a lot of different opportunities here, so check it out! If you go to the main website you can see all the short-term job adventures that are listed.

Rouge Farm Corps “exists to create hands-on educational programs to train the next generation of farmers and land stewards, to support our cooperative agricultural economy and serve as a model for other communities.” It looks like a really interesting program that offers a real farming education and college credit. To see more about the application click here.

Another place to look is Farm and Ranch Jobs. Most of the jobs posed here are hands-on labor at farms in Oregon.

Beginning Farmers also has extensive job listings for farming opportunities nation-wide. Click here to see some listings and see the homepage for the latest updates.

I hope that helps you get a start on things. Do you have any other farm and food internships tips to share? It can be a tough thing to seek out sometimes! Again, feel free to contact us if you’re interested in any of the positions or have more questions about getting involved with food systems.



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