Lunch Love Community Event

It’s Earth Week, and Friday is “Food Day.” As a pre-food day event, Helen De Michiel will be on campus to tell us about her progressive organization Lunch Love Community. She will be here this Thursday at 6 p.m. in Pacific 9. Read more about Lunch Love Community below, and come meet her in person this Thursday!

Lunch Love Community — Changing the Way Kids Eat
Story by Janet Avila-Medina

Lunch Love Community (LLC) was established by co-creators and co-producers Helen De Michiel and Sophie Constantinou in hopes to unite and change how children eat, how they learn in school and how to restore healthy food systems. LLC is an, “open space documentary project.” Through this project LLC is able to integrate social media, share films, tools, resources to parents, educators, food professionals, nutrition advocates and policy makers. The issue to address is the lack of nutrition found in school lunch programs.

In the 1900s, a diverse group in Berkeley, Calif., decided to change the system for their children by fighting with school policies to make school lunch programs healthier and better for their children.

LLC’s ultimate goal: is to inspire action for change. To achieve this goal LLC aside from their online community have made partners with groups, organizations and sponsors to hold media socials to communicate and engage about the action around food system change. These media social events last 90-minute and serve to inform the community about food systems through film, conversations and live speakers.

The outcome of these events are to provide individuals with the opportunity to view how to change food policy issues and create a change that will be beneficial for children.

Here is a glimpse of LLC’s motive:


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