Three Ridiculously Easy Steps to a Potato Plant

My roommate, a newbie to the Urban Farm class, and I were inspired by the beautiful weather earlier this week. Our back patio gets a few hours of morning sun every day, and we’re hoping to make the most of those few hours.

I pulled all the plants that didn’t quite make it through the seven inches of snow and weeded the pots left over from this summer’s tomatoes and lettuce blends. They were beautiful but empty. Desperate to plant something, we decided that the sprouting potato in the kitchen had seen better days.

I’ve never planted potatoes, but I hear that once you plant a potato in the ground, you have potatoes for years. An endless supply of low-maintence vegetables. That’s what I like to hear.

Step One: Find a sprouting potato.

Easy enough.

Step Two: Cut it in half.

We used gardening clippers, but a knife probably works better.

Step Three: Dig a hole a few inches down. Plant the halves and wait.

Obviously the most difficult part. Waiting to see the results.

Now this is the hard part. We’re just waiting to see how it turns out. Any advice for us? Have you tried this?


3 thoughts on “Three Ridiculously Easy Steps to a Potato Plant

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