Slow Food Seedlings

We are in the middle of winter term.  It’s rainy, cold, overcast, and we all want spring to be here already.  Well, its good that you’re thinking about it.  In fact, it’s crucial that you do.  If you want to get a head start on the growing season, now is the time to prepare your supplies.

Don’t head off to the nursery to buy those rootbound starts held in cheap plastic containers!   This year we are making Slow Food Seedlings.  Slow Foodies chose a variety of vegetable seeds that grow well in the area and planted them inside pots made of recycled materials (milk cartons, egg cartons, tuna or salmon tins, Jello and pudding cups, bottoms of plastic soda bottles, yogurt containers).  We will spend six to eight weeks loving and nurturing these seeds through their delicate infancy and then sell them through the spring.

Jessica planting herbs in egg cartons.

Jessica, Whitney and Jon making serious vegetable decisions.

Some helpful tips for getting successful starts:

  • Keep the air temperature at an average 70 degrees
  • Sow seeds 2 inches apart
  • Aerate the soil to keep moist.
  • Poke holes in the bottom of container

With those tips, our basil should start sprouting up in no time!

Stay posted for information about planting work parties; we will need volunteers for this fundraiser!  And of course, check out our Facebook page for updates. For more on planting seedlings—including detailed planting instructions and the right growing temperatures for different veggies and annuals—check out this article.


4 thoughts on “Slow Food Seedlings

  1. Maybe some of the students in the group who are staying in Eugene could offer a herb “baby sitting program” during the summer, when some faculty leave town. I hate to start growing herbs, but then watch them die while I leave for extended research trips. Just a thought… you could charge adn that it could go to fund raising?!

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