Week 4: Futuristic Farming

The scarce variety of local produce during the cold months of winter can be a bummer for herbivores and gardeners alike, but Britta Riley has an innovative solution.  It is called window farming, a hydroponic system used to grow food indoors all year round.  If this means I can have tasty foods like Kale, Lettuce, Strawberries, Basil, Peas, Sage, Dill, Swiss Chard, and Squash without getting out in the rain to do the planting and weeding, I am in!  You can even plant root vegetables like potatoes or radishes and tall plants like wheat and corn.  Hydroponic systems use water to deliver plant nutrients that are normally contained in the soil, so the plants take up considerably less space.  A window farm consisting of 25 plants will produce about one salad per week.  It won’t keep you from buying regular groceries and critics have said the food is not as tasty as that of its soil-grown counterparts, but it’s still gaining a lot of attention.  This started as a small project in Brooklyn last year and today 20,000 people have downloaded the instructions.  NASA has even considered using hydroponics to grow food on the space station. 

To learn more, check out windowfarms.org


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