Sustainability Fair Recap

Tuesday Slow Food  University of Oregon participated in the Sustainability Fair on campus hosted by the Sustainability Center. All student groups that were working towards sustainability in some form were invited to participate. Many passionate groups surrounded us with a lot of great missions. We were excited to participate.
Not only did we get to spread the word about our group and mission to many interested students, we did it in style! Our co-leader Alicia made our fantastic sign out of old burlap and paint. Expect to be seeing a lot more of that at future events!

Aloura and Danny running the booth!

Sundance graciously donated $25 worth of locally grown apples. These apples were grown in Eugene and were part of the local Farm to School program. Usually, part of the proceeds of these apples go toward the Farm to School program. Sundance also provided 20 reusable grocery bags.
Slow Food was also handing out local and in-season recipes including butternut squash and apple soup and butternut squash pasta.
All in all the day was a success for Slow Food UO. We handed out many brochures and added more students to our email list.
Three new students attended our meeting this week as well (Thursdays in Pacific 12 at 4 pm), so if you’re interested don’t forget to drop by or leave us a comment here if you can’t make it! We have a lot of exciting plans, and we need your help to get the ball rolling!


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