Leadership Team

Kirsten Slow FoodCo-President

Kirsten Rasmussen, a senior at the University of Oregon and a French major, has always loved experiencing different cultures through food and language. She grew up in her family’s grocery business and has always been around fresh and local foods. She learned to cook from her parents, receiving a lot of Mexican influence from her mother’s background. Today, you can find her nibbling on some of her favorites—chai tea, scones, croissants, fresh fruit and cheese.

Janet Avila-Medina  Co-President

Janet Avila-Medina is from the small town of Hood River, Oregon.  In June, she will have graduated the University of Oregon with a degree in Journalism: public relations and minor in business administration and communication studies. This year she is excited to be Co-President of Slow Food UO. Aside from Slow Food, she is involved with the Alpha Phi International Fraternity, has been a PR intern for the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation and has been an account executive for the Friendship Foundation for International Students at Allen Hall Public Relations. This year she is an account supervisor for portfolio reviews at AHPR. After graduation she plans to apply all her experiences with PR, marketing and communications to pursue a career in corporate PR.

Hannah Miles Historian

Hannah Miles is a senior in the International Studies department at the University of Oregon. After learning about the horrible injustices related to social, environmental, and health issues within the modern American food system the decision to change her food diet from a processed fast food diet to a sustainable slow food diet was not at all difficult. After Hannah graduates she wants to become involved with a program that educates and facilitates people to use and think about food in a more sustainable way.

Jessica Jorgensen, Communications Director  Communications Director/Co-Founder

Jessica Jorgensen is a senior Public Relations major in the School of Journalism and Communication.  She hopes to work in food PR, either for Fleishman-Hillard or Mikuni Sushi Restaurant.  At age five, she swore off Fast Food when her cousin told her they had to go to “Boogar King” for dinner.  Ew!  In the years that followed, she exchanged boogars and kings for more sustainable things.  Today, she is a proud member and co-founder of Slow Food UO.  She believes that food is a gift to be shared with others.  She tries to live by Michael Pollan’s guiding words.  “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.”

Melanie McGuire  Treasurer

Melanie McGuire is a sophomore at the University of Oregon and studies Linguistics. She loves traveling and experiencing new cultures. Melanie loves to cook and bake, especially with local ingredients. In a country centered around the efficient use of time, home cooked meals are often de-prioritized and instead are substituted for fast food. Melanie believes that food, like most good things, should take time and be made right- with local, fresh ingredients.


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